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Holiday Dessert Table Tips

We love the holiday season almost as much as we love pies, so what is better than putting the two together?! For this blog, we have some of the best tips for putting together an irresistible dessert table. These tips can be used for any kind of occasion, but ours is themed around Christmas and sweet treats.

  • Start with a table cloth or a solid colored surface (it is best if this table is in a corner or off to the side, unless dessert is the main course!)

  • Pick a color scheme, which can be subtle -- we chose red, green, white -- so festive! A winter wonderland can be made using blue and silver tones.

  • Have an assortment of desserts. Some people may not like chocolate pie, so we also have an apple pie and two flavors of shortbread.

  • Shortbread and small cookies are great for children! They are much easier to grab and go than a piece of pie.

  • Be considerate of all dietary needs! These desserts are all gluten free, vegan, dairy free, egg free, peanut free, soy free (and more)!

  • Garnish is one of the most important pieces to making a beautiful food setting. Use flowers, fruits, herbs -- anything that isn't poisonous! Especially if there are children around, consider sticking to only edible garnish. We used pomegranate and mint leaves to make an edible holly!

  • Use small crates to stack pies on. Having multiple levels makes the table setting more visually interesting.

  • Don't forget the lighting! Candles make a beautiful warm glow, but make sure they are out of arm's reach so they don't get knocked over. If children are a concern, consider a beautiful string of Christmas lights or fairy lights for a similar effect.

  • Have serving ware, plates, and napkins nearby. We don't just want to enjoy looking at the desserts, we also want to enjoy eating them!

  • Don't worry, once you have all of the materials, set up is not time consuming at all! Let the beautiful pies do most of the decorating for you ;)

  • Get creative! This is a time to let your artistic eye come out; have fun with it. There is no right or wrong way to create.

  • Don't forget to take pictures -- to show off on social media, or for future inspiration!

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