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Our gluten-free, peanut-free, vegan products are carried in over 3500 groceries around the country.


Tips for Finding our Products


  • Our baked goods can be found either in the frozen section or the bakery section of your local grocery store.

  • Different chains and independent stores may carry a different combination of our products. Additionally, keep in mind that stock may be filled in small amounts and long intervals and that the staff at your grocery store may not be fully aware of the availability or whereabout of our products within their stores.

  • See additional information on specific stores below the store locator.


Kroger Stores

Search on Kroger’s website by zipcode.

This mega-chain and its subsidiary chains like Fry’s, Fred Meyer, Dillion, Ralph’s, Smith’s, and QFC only carry our savory pies. If you happen to live by a Kroger customer fulfillment center, you may be able to get our products delivered to your doorstep even if an actual store isn’t available near you.

Whole Foods

Search on Whole Foods website by zipcode.

Our year-round fruit pies are carried in many regions of Whole Foods across the United States. Stock is usually pulled in small quantities, which can often leave gaps in availability. Some Whole Foods stores also carry our cookies and cookie dough, and our quiche. During the last few months of each year, ALL Whole Foods Stores carry our Dutch Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pies.


Other Chains that carry our baked goods:

Market of Choice (Oregon), Mom’s Organic Market (North East), Safeway / Vons (California), Gelson's (California),  Nugget Markets (California), and more).


Raised Gluten Free products are also carried by many independent stores across the United States. 

Raised_Cookie Mix_Cookies-Dough_027.jpg

Cookie Mixes


Allergen Friendly Decadent Pies

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