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About Our Bakery

Raised Gluten Free was started with the mission to create delicious food that also happened to be free of gluten and other allergens. Our goal has always been "flavor first, gluten free always," but we don't often get the chance to tell our story about why we do what we do!

Our bakery is located in Northern California, among the Redwood trees. We are lucky enough to be in a small community that loves to support local businesses. Without our wonderful community, Raised Gluten Free wouldn't be where it is today!

Our company was started by two amazing women and best friends -- Rosa and Milia, who each have struggled with the food industry not catering to their families' needs. They knew that the problems they faced must be problems that other people suffered from also.

Rosa has a severe nut allergy, in addition to one of her daughters having multiple food allergies. Rosa's youngest daughter, Solea, was diagnosed with failure to thrive at a young age. After a lot of time spent in hospitals and medical tests -- Rosa got the answer she needed for Solea, Celiac disease. Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition that requires Solea to eliminate all gluten from her diet. Solea is now a happy, healthy young girl who is very creative (you can read a story she wrote about "Super Gluten Free Girl" that was published by the Gluten Intolerance Group).

Milia, on the other hand, does not deal with food allergies, but she does suffer from multiple food intolerances. Milia has to avoid eggs, gluten, dairy, soy, and corn in order to feel healthy and well. Because Milia and Rosa were going through similar situations, they knew that others must be able to relate and struggle in a similar way. They decided to start our brand, Raised Gluten Free.

Luckily, Rosa had many years as a professional baker, she was able to create delicious recipes that could be enjoyed by Rosa, Milia, their families, and all of you! If you deal with food restrictions, we want you to know that we understand. We care about you feeling heard, and we know that food is something special that we all want to be included sharing with our loved ones.

From food allergies to food intolerances and Celiac disease, we understand you. We want to create food that is safe as possible for you and your family to eat. We know that many food allergies are life-threatening, and that cross-contamination from gluten can be debilitating for some. That is why our facility is dedicated gluten free, nut free (except for coconut, which is actually a fruit!), dairy free, and egg free. We are lucky enough to have a production facility that only Raised Gluten Free products are produced in, so that we are eliminating chance of cross-contamination.

We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better. Please enjoy 20% off your next order with code "THANKYOU" in our online store.

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